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excel 2016 formula - angle of repose

hi experts, i need a formula to be calculated in my attached excel worksheet cell D3
- all the info is in the worksheet
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It returns a negative number for the problem at hand.

For the dimensions as shown, even if b = 0, the bin bottom wouldn't be covered all the way across. You need a much taller hopper for that bin width.
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hi byundt, the formula in 'b' is dependant on all the other manual entered data,
- note, cell D5 although is 22 degrees and 47 minutes, entered as 22.47, this = a rise to run ratio of 42:100, which means that for every 100mm in distance 'e', the height rises 42mm, so the formula needs to calculate the gradient back into a rise to run ratio, then this height can be deducted from 'c' minus 'a'
- i hope you can understand
For a 5000 mm wide bin, the rise for the specified angle of repose is 2068 mm. Compare this to the overall height c of 1400 mm. It is therefore obvious that the numbers in this problem are poorly chosen if you were expecting a meaningful (positive) result for dimension b.

hi brad, they are not poorly chosen numbers they are actual number taken from a building project
ill try explain again so it can help you understand my requirement
- lets use 3000 instead of 1400 and leave the 300 as is,
- so if we now take the 3000-2068 (rise to run ratio of 42:100) = 932-300 (standard concrete depth)= 632
- therefore the formula needs to be able to calculate 'b' as 632mm

does that make sense?
- if the result = negative qty that just means there is no requirement for 'b' so only 'a' would apply
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thankyou, was a little hard to explain at my end...but we got there