Need help with Big Endian to Little Endian swap in C#

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Hi, I'm working with a Byte Array and have come across some bytes that are in Big Endian. I need to convert them to Little Endian. I've done a lot of searching on the Internet, but there doesn't seem to be a real consensus on which approach is best. I was hoping for something simple and elegant.

Lets use this as an example of what I need to do.... I have byte 0x00400000 and its in Big Endian. I need to end up with 0x00004000, which is the Little Endian syntax.

The result has to remain in Hex, or at least a Sting, but we can drop the 0x part of it... I just need the bits to be in the right order.

Does anyone have a nice simple approach for this?

Thank you for your help,
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If you're dealing with the byte array, then just swap the order. Let's say that you have a 4-byte number at the very beginning of the array:

var data = new byte[] { 0, 64, 0, 0 };

// Reverse 4 bytes
var tmp = data[0]; 
data[0] = data[3];
data[3] = tmp;
tmp = data[1];
data[1] = data[2];
data[2] = tmp;

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This probably doesn't need saying but make sure you are parsing the data correctly first. You have to individually reverse the numbers based on their type (short, long, etc).
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I assume that you know which bytes from the array should be rotated.
You can take that specific byte and apply bit masking and bitwise operations as follows:

byte valueToRotate = yourByteArray[index];
byte msb = valueToRotate & 0x11110000 >> 4;
byte lsb = valueToRotate & 0x00001111 << 4;
byte rotatedValue = lsb l msb;


Thank you both. I actually ended up coming up with my own solution, but both your comments were useful to help me get to where I needed to get. I appreciate your help. I have spit the point equally (at least I think I have).... the new way of awarding points is so much worse than the older FAR more simple approach.

Thanks again.

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