Extract data when a column's value is in another column

Michael Noze
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Hi Experts,

I have a table with 2 columns (Last name) and (First name).

I'd like to extract all the first name that has the same value as another column value.

The db is:
First name  |  Last name
Olivia                  Jones
Jones                  Mertil
Nicholas             Jay
Avril                    Lavigne
Charles              Brown
Annie                 Charles

The result would be the table

First Name | Last Name
Jones               Mertil
Charles           Brown

Thank you!
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You may use IN operator in WHERE clause:
DECLARE @t TABLE (FirstName varchar(20), LastName varchar(20))
INSERT INTO @t VALUES ('Olivia', 'Jones'), ('Jones', 'Mertil'), ('Nicholas', 'Jay'), ('Avril', 'Lavigne'), ('Charles', 'Brown'), ('Annie', 'Charles')

SELECT FirstName, LastName 
  FROM @t
 WHERE FirstName IN (SELECT LastName FROM @t)

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Nakul VachhrajaniTechnical Architect, Capgemini India

Depending upon the size of the table, you may also want to evaluate using JOINs:
DECLARE @userNames TABLE (FirstName varchar(20), LastName varchar(20))
INSERT INTO @userNames (FirstName, LastName)
VALUES ('Olivia'  , 'Jones'  ), 
       ('Jones'   , 'Mertil' ), 
       ('Nicholas', 'Jay'    ), 
       ('Avril'   , 'Lavigne'), 
       ('Charles' , 'Brown'  ), 
       ('Annie'   , 'Charles');

SELECT un.FirstName, un.LastName
FROM @userNames AS un
INNER JOIN @userNames AS iun ON un.FirstName = iun.LastName;

FirstName            LastName
-------------------- --------------------
Jones                Mertil
Charles              Brown

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(NOTE: Either method - using IN or JOIN is okay - subject to your data conditions).
Just remember, even when JOIN works well in this simple case it will provide duplicate results on output in many other cases...


Thank you!

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