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Printing longer than 21 cm receipts.

Hello Experts
I am printing a receipt using a visual c sharp and an EPSON thermal POS printer.

In order to print the logo, I am using the following lines that work just fine.
            Bitmap bm1 = new Bitmap(pictureBox1.Width, pictureBox1.Height);
            pictureBox1.DrawToBitmap(bm1, new Rectangle(0, 0, pictureBox1.Width, pictureBox1.Height));
            e.Graphics.DrawImage(bm1, hx, hy, wi, he);

And because I used an image
I continue printing each line of text as an image
as follows.
            // text
            hy += (he+s2);wi = 300; he = 20;
            Bitmap tit1 = new Bitmap(wi,he);
            pictureBox5.DrawToBitmap(tit1, new Rectangle(0, 0, wi, he));
            e.Graphics.DrawImage(tit1, hx , hy, wi , he);

The thing is most of the time I need to print several items and the printing is longer than the height of A4 paper size.
my printing is being truncated when the limit is reached.

How can I make receipts longer than the height of A4 ?
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Eduard Ghergu
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Firstly, the height of A4 is 29.7cm. Can you describe in a better way what's you scenario?
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I am printing receipts that can have around 100 items sold.
this means that 29.7 cm is too little, my printing stops there.

USING Epson thermal printer.

I need to be able to print receipts at least 100 cm long.
please let me know if you need more details
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David Johnson, CD
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Yes configuring was the problem
Thank you, experts.