Why do my printers not work?

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In Windows 10, I have installed both network anError MessageError MessageError Messaged local printers, but I cannot print to them.   When I try to print a test page, I get directed to a printer file, or else I get the error message in the attached file.
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Robert RComputer Service Technician
It looks like some how the printer drivers got corrupted. Windows 10 has a Printer diagnostic tool that can be run, click on the start button key on the keyboard then type printer then select "Find and fix Problems with printing".  Then run the diagnostics by selecting the next button.   I would go to add remove programs to uninstall your printer drivers, if they were installed locally. If they were installed from a print server you can just go to printers and scanners then left click on the printer and select remove device.
That error can occur when using a 32-bit driver on a 64-bit PC. Check that you are using the correct driver. If installing via a server, the server must have both versions installed (under additional drivers).

You may need to completely reinstall the driver. As you didn't tell us the model number (or is there even more than 1?) I'll give generic instructions. Some of the steps may not be required.

Go to Devices & Printers and delete the printer. Next, open Control Panel > Programs & Features (or Settings > Apps & Features) and uninstall any software that relates to the printer. Go back to Devices & Printers and click on any other printer (even OneNote will do). Select Print Server Properties from the menu that appears at the top. Click the Drivers tab and remove any instances of the printer from the list. Then reinstall from DVD, from a downloaded copy of the driver, or from the server.

If the above does not help, please provide more details about the printer and the environment
When did this start?  Not to far back was a Windows update that could break print spooler.  That is not the error you should have seen though.
What printers are you attempting to use?  A little more background on the system will help.
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i would uninstall all printers, as suggested by hdhondt -  the install only one for testing
best start with a local printer

doctorK - is this an upgrade system from win 7? a new install ?
are all drivers installed, and BIOS updated ?
New install.   I installed drivers and printers now work normally.
Thank you.
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you're welcome

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