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Best way to load Windows 10 on Older Laptops

A client of mine has 10-15 HP laptops that are 3-4 years old, and have been taken off their books. The controller said that he is going to give away for about $50 each as is, no operating system. They had Windows 10 Enterprise loaded on them with an i5 and 8GB memory. Good little work horses.
The controller asked me to put together a package (as a consultant) to purchase enough Windows 10 licenses and install W10 on them and run the updates. It would then be sold as is, no warranties.

My questions are:

Which version of Win10 is best for this?
What is the most cost effective way of purchasing them?

Cost to purchase laptop + cost of license + cost of my services = Final Cost of Laptop to employee.

I am also going to include my business card with the final product and offer my services to them (as a consultant) to hopefully be able to support them.

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