Windows 10 AutoPilot White Glove not working

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I am working on WIndows 10 Autopilot White Glove.
I setup everything through Azure.
-- Autopilot profile
-- Security group, with the 2 people in the group
-- enabled White glove OOBE

But when I get to
How does it know to pull down the Autopilot profile, when I have not logged in.

It gets to the bar code and fails , GUI is red, an there is no information on the right of the bar code.

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Have you checked the diagnostic logs from the device upon failure? Is the PC connected via wired network?

Can you verify you've met all pre-requisities for white glove:

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With 1903, Microsoft introduced the concept of autopilot self-deploy profiles.  The original intended sue case was for devices that are not assigned to a specific user l, such as a kiosk machine.

White glove uses this same technology to let an IT admin "escape" OOBE and preload many of the device configuration settings.

Because it is built on the self deploy technology, you must have the white glove profile(s) set up and targeting devices, NOT targeting users.  Which is the answer to your question "How does it know to pull down the Autopilot profile, when I have not logged in." ... Device targeting.

I assume you mean a QR code and not a barcode.  If you aren't getting the blue QR code screen, it either means the device does not meet the necessary requirements or a profile that allows white glove was not deployed that targets the matched device.
I believe it has to do with the device not being able to register with the autopilot service.    I do believe I have to create a CSV file with the HW hash
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Your device would need to already be in autopilot for a profile to be picked up, yes.  You'd usually have an arrangement with your purchaser to preload purchased devices.

You can manually load devices, and there niche cases where you'd want to. But you are then talking about booting the device and doing ebiugbof the setup to generate the required info.  Then resetting the device to get it back to factory.  Then doing the white glove, all before handing it off.

For devices not already in autopilot, a more traditional imaging approach often makes more sense.
@Cliff you are correct, I found out I had to make a csv file get the HW hash of the machine.

I am going to try this.
Thanks for all your help

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