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DeepFreeze not finding all devices

In DeepFreeze we created a cofig and a group and assigned 40 laptops. Of that, 26 did not show up in thed console and for every change that we make to any workstation literally takes more than 15 minutes to apply even when the workstations show up correctly in the console. Is there anything that we can do to speed things up?

What we are running:

Cloud Agent (Windows): 2.14.2100.677
Cloud Agent (Mac HFS+): 2.01.520.0009
Cloud Agent (Mac APFS): 3.01.520.0019
Deep Freeze: 8.57.x.5545
Deep Freeze Mac HFS+: 6.21.520.1254
Deep Freeze Mac APFS: 7.20.520.0110
Data Igloo: 3.12.x.419
Anti-Executable: 6.10.x.725
Anti-Virus: 4.21.x.479
Incident Reporting: 2.0.x.11
Cloud Sync: 2.11.x.203
Power Save: 4.70.x.861
Software Updater: 1.24.x.192
Usage Stats: 2.0.x.66
WINSelect: 8.52.x.1026

**Workstations are running Windows 10 (1803 & 1809)

Thank you!
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