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Identify a portable metal stand for 4' x 4' table-tops

I need to identify a portable stand for 4' x 4' table tops made from thick plyboard.

The low standard table height from floor to surface is said to be 28" according to this guide.

This option could work, even at 23" I think but is costly at $31.99

Assistance in finding less expensive metal stands like the one pictured, and in the above link, but between 23" and 27" in height is greatly appreciated.

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I'm not sure if that is saying 100 of them for $29 or something else.

Making my own would be too expensive and time-consuming.

I like the style of the ones that I posted better because I think they are more portable and don't require any installation at all. But they are too expensive also.
And what will be on this table as far as weight?

Have you already made or acquired the 4 foot by 4 foot table top?
I'm not easily finding a table that size much less only the legs with a height of 23-28 inches.
Depending on the thickness of the top 4x4 will have some weight to it as well as what will be stored on the table.

Furniture grade solid hardwood for finest appearance
Pre-installed hanger bolt allows for fast and easy installation when using our quick mount surface plates
Sanded smooth and ready for your custom finish

28 inches tall and $8 each plus tax. The plates allow the legs to be screwed on and removed easily. If you have already made the top then for a few dollars of stain and you could match the legs to the top.
I should have said folding stand like the one that I linked to.
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder)

Have you considered making one?

Following a design like this:

1x2x96" pine is $5.60:

Some web strapping, a few screws, two wing nuts, two bolts, stain, polyurethane and some glue...  Likely under $15 and it will meet your needs 100% since you are doing the measuring.
If 4 feet x 4 feet is desired, I'm struggling to even find any that size made of wood that have legs.

Here: 33.5 x 33.5 x 27.8 inches

27.8 inches high.
Multipurpose Folding Table
130 lb. Distributed Weight Capacity
.1875" Thick Black Vinyl Padded Table Top
Sponge Foam Padding.

Just buy or create your 4x4 plywood table top and secure it to the one here. That way your wood top has a 33.5 x 33.5 "foundation."

That's not what you want but I am finding nothing. The legs you liked at the top - the price may not able to be beat.
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Nick, that's a great site. We need to get a little bit taller than 23" though and up-to 27" and I am not sure what the name of that stand is.
From that link it's 4 tables and one stand. Y
ou have (4) 4 x 4 foot pieces of wood for a table top?

The tops on those are 19x14.5. If you planned to use your 4x4 wood top on those folding legs, you'd have alot of wood supported by nothing much at all. And the wider you opened those table legs the closer the top would be to the floor. You've never mentioned what weight will be put on your 4x4 plywood top. If you are now considering TV tray tables it sounds like the weight would not be too great.
4 foot x 4 foot plywood is large and thickness turns into weight.
The weight would not be much at all.  They can set on anything.  The only issue I am concerned about is the height of between 23" - 27".

I'm looking for the least expensive solution that doesn't require any building on my part. The tabletop for our purposes does not need to be secured to the stand at this point in the project.