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Bogart Bogart
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What is the best way of implementing Office 2013 default fonts. I have tried updating templates by pushing a new one but not applying.
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You have a font theme XML file, yes?

Where are you pushing the file to? PowerPoint is looking for custom font themes here: C:\Users\<<username>>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\Document Themes\Theme Fonts

Does your default template actually use the font theme? I often see templates that are built incorrectly, and they tend to "hard code" the fonts -- that is, they don't refer to the font theme as they really should. In that case, updating the font theme XML file won't make a difference.

Also, you may need to name your font theme XML file the same as it was in the old template so that it's pointing to the correct font theme XML file. Otherwise you need to update the template to point to the correct font theme XML file.
Hi Echo I was able to get around with Power point, Excel, Word but not having any luck with Outlook. I have converted reg file to xml and I can see that GPO is being applied but not really changing the font. I will do another export and conversion and see if there are any improvements.
Just providing an update with resolution

For Powerpoint I was able to use User Configuration>Windows Settings>Preferences>Files (%appdata%\Microsoft\Templates\Blank,potx
For Word I was able to use a batch file as I couldn't replicate from Power point settings.
batch file is xcopy \\server\NETLOGON\Files\Normal.dotm %appdata%\Microsoft\Templates /S /C /I /H /R /Y
For Excel I have created a new Reg_DZ "Font" under Office15>Excel>Options Font type,size
For Outlook I have made the necessary changes under Stationery and Font, exported MailSettings registry (Office15>Common), converted to XML and pasted the file under User Configuration>Preferences>Windows Settings>Registry
As per above I am now able to control default fonts via GPO. Hope this helps anyone having same issue.

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