Contacts Sync has stopped on my Android phone.

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Contacts Sync has stopped on my Android phone.

I have a LG Q6 Android phone, with only one gmail account linked. Contacts show last sync was a month ago , and stopped ever since. I tried click (Sync Now) several times, also tried to turn off and on the auto-sync now option, but still no success.
Sometimes the sync arrows spins for a seconds, then stops, but the Last Sync date doesn't change.
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In these cases, I usually remove the Google Account. After waiting a few minutes, and after a reboot of the phone, you can add the Google Account again.
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I also saw something recently about Google Sync being affected by malware if you've inadvertently installed one thinking it was another app.

I couldn't find the exact news article that mentioned it, however these two seem relevant and a good place to check and rule out:

Before posting this question, and the suggested solution all over the internet was to do a factory reset.
Being not able to resolve the issue, and i had to eventually do a factory reset of my LG phone; and that of course resolved the issue. There are 2 points I would like to mention that might help someone if faces similar issues in the future.
First, the cause of this problem in my Android phone and issues with the Sync is that I tried to save space on the phone and (in addition to removing some apps) I also disabled some pre-install google apps, like slides and docs ... etc. The phone warns that this might affect phone performance, but I ignored that. I recommend to never disable or remove any pre-install google services or apps, even if you are not using them.

The second point, is that I am glad i did a factory reset. It was incredibly easy and FAST. I hear that on iphone devices a reset takes close to an hour, where on my LG phone, it didn't take more than 8 minutes.   Of course you will have to backup everything first.

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