SAMSUNG PC Monitor Grainy all of a sudden

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I've been using a SAMSUNG TV as a second monitor for months now. I woke up today and the screen isn't the same.

The browser top and edges were cut off so I couldn't see the close box and header area. The text is all kind of pixilated. Not crisp. Same with images. Just really poor quality.

I haven't changed anything that I know of, unless I bumped something.

I went to the tv remote and use the settings to set the Picture Size (which is 16:9) to turn on Fit to Screen to get the browser headers back on the screen and the toolbar. It was off.

I did the remote control > settings > reset picture. On the picture it displays, it is crisp and nice. Not grainy. But when I exited back to my desktop, it is all still grainy.

I used the desktop  Display Settings to confirm the Scale and Layout weren't something unusual.
100% and resolution is 1920x1080 recommended.

Tried all of the other options and still grainy.

Not sure where to go from here.

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Look in the owner's manual for the TV and see what its native resolution is.  Not what it is capable of displaying, but what the resolution of the LCD array is.  Chances are, because it is a TV, the native resolution is not a common VESA standard mode.

Typically a TV can display 1024x768, 1280x800, 1440x960, 1600x900 and a few other modes but its native resolution is probably none of these.  Find out what the native resolution is, then (if the display card can produce that) set the display card to that resolution.  Set text enlargement back to 100% if it is set at something else.  Disable Cleartype if it has been enabled.  This state, in theory, is the best that TV can ever do as far as resolution and clarity.
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thanks, couldn't find a manual though.

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