Win 7 files were relocated on the Dell laptop

Jegajothy vythilingam
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My laptop is a Dell 6500 lattitude &the OS is win 7 enterprize edition.  I also have an ext HD (F drive), a WD50 Passport which is nearly full of data.  Somehow the files I saved on the HD have got moved to diff places in the C and F drives while the files in the sub dirs, are readable wherever they are found, but ideally it is best if they can be returned to their orig.location.  I think I must have attempted to defrag the Drive using CC Cleaner program when there was not much space left on the drive.

Is there any remedy for this, using a Tool or fix manually?  Probably I could get another ext HD and copy all the recovered files.  thank u and regards.
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Unfortunately, it is not clear what your situation is.

In short the data/files on your system shifted from one location to another and you are asking how to get them back.
You mention you have enterprise version OS, does this mean your system is a member of a AD domain?
Do you have access to the files when you are on the AD Network?
Defragging drives does not relocate the location of the files in terms of where you access them. They could be relocated within the filesystem without altering where their references are which is how you access them.
You would likely have to do this manually by locating all the files and then relocating them to where you want them to be.
If the files are on the external, You might as well just copy them leaving yourself with a backup on the external storage.
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plse post specific info  in and ext drive size and free space

obviously - the first thing to do is making more free space, so if both are nearly full, i recommend (assuming you did already what you could to free up space) using another or bigger external - or internal drive, and copy the contents of your full one to it

is it the 200 GB HDD you have?
i would suggest a fresh install - but don't forget to backup first;  here a guide  for w7 install :

and if possible, upgrade the HDD at least to 500 GB  - look here how cheap the SSD's are :
thank u everyone, but I am still at a lost how the data and the dir got relocated.
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depending relocated to where.
It is failrly simple while you have two folders open, a click and a drag results in a possible copy, or move depending on what the default action for the drag action is.
just as a coincidence, looked at a system where the user suddenly lost shortcuts to applications in the start menu, after some looking, it seems the person draged the links onto the desktop, when trying to replace the shortcuts, it seemed that the system's default drag was to move versus copy.

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