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Set home drives to read-only

rookie_b used Ask the Experts™
We would like to set all our home drives to read only.

We use a windows server 2008r2  cluster to present the shares.  The path is  \\cluster\share$\sub-directory\username - could we  just  set the \\cluster\share$ smb permission to "everyone read-only", would that work?

I can also see that there is another share, which is specific to each server in the cluster  - \\server01\sub-directory\username$ . I cannot see these individual shares in the "Share and Storage" management console, but I can browse to them. Is there an easy way to revoke the smb permissions in bulk? how can I retrieve a list of all these shares?
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You can just change the share to read-only for everyone and they won't be able to save, modify or create new files to that location.



Thank yoy  Alex, I was hoping that would be the case.  But how do I do that for the individual shares? in know that in the majority of the cases the cluster share will be used, but is there a way to pull all individual shares and set them to read only? the problem is I do not see an actual share in "Share and Storage" management console, but the path definitely exists, as I can browse it.
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on the share permissions just set the highest level to read/only subfolders will follow that share permission.


Thank you very much, this worked!