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Trunk options on HP Procurve

I need to set up a trunk on two HP Procurve switches, not sure yet on model but I have been testing on a couple of 2920-24G J9727A

I have set up Trunk Trk1 across ports 1 and 2, and then tagged Trk1 for both my vlans, i have then repeated this on the second switch. As i havent set up trunks before, i did this via the GUI (switch firmware 16.09.0003)

Everything seems to be working ok, spanning tree is enabled and both ports are still active.

Am i done?, looking on the manual, there are two methods, Trunk group operation using LACP and Trunk group operation using the "trunk" option.

Current switches already have VLAN1 being used for data, vlan50 for voice and vlan3 for management.

If i need to change it to LACP, can the use of vlans stay the same or does vlan1 need to go?

show trunk  displays ports 1 and 2 in Trunk Trk1
show trunk trk1   returns  module not present for port or invalid port : trk1  
Not sure if that means something is wrong?

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