Mail rule to copy email if recipient is a certain email address. Is this the most efficient way of doing this?

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I work for a school and it's important that all correspondence to parents about their child is also copied to a central mailbox that stores information about students organised into student subfolders.

Teachers often forget to CC this mailbox so I wrote a Mail flow rule that automatically copies the email to StudentInfo if the recipient is one of 1600 email addresses. Unfortunately the rule couldn't be created as it contained 75000 characters and the maximum number of characters allowed is 8192.

I could split the rule into 10 smaller rules A-C D-F etc but then I thought is this the most efficient way to achieve this?

Can anyone suggest a better/simpler way of achieving this? Otherwise I'll just get on with creating the ten or so mail flow rules. Thanks in advance.
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Add them all to a DG and use "recipient is a member of the DG" condition?
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It seems like the work around would be to use RecipientInSenderList.

However, a better option would be to upgrading to enterprise and using ediscovery. That way everything is archived.
Murat ElmasGeneral Manager, Strategic Planning Director - Computer Engineer, MBA


I have same idea with Vasil.
You should create a distribution group and add all students to this group.
Then create a Mail Flow rule.
Login ECP, Click Mail Flow.
Select Rules, Click plus icon then click "Create a new rule"

Write anything as its name,

Apply this rule if : The recipient is a member of (then select distribution group)
Do the following : add reipients -> cc
Do not forget click more options to see add recipient aption.

@Vasil @ Murat

Thanks, but in order to add them to a distribution list I would need to add them as Contacts in Exchange and I don't want to have to do that for 1600+ email addresses.


Unfortunately upgrading and using eDiscovery is not an option for us at this time.

Many thanks for the suggestions but I have created multiple rules to deal with this for the time being.
Murat ElmasGeneral Manager, Strategic Planning Director - Computer Engineer, MBA

If it is in Excel or in another file, you can add 1600 contacts (in fact the number doesn't matter) using powershell within minutes.

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