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usb 3.00 ports

My laptop is a Dell 6500 lattitude &the OS is win 7 enterprize edition.  I also have an ext WD HD 500 gig (F drive).
I am trying to add a 1T ext HD but it requires a usb 3.00.  Does my laptop have a 3.00 usb, if Yes, which  one is it, or how do I figure it out.  thanks
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USB 3 is backward compatible to USB2, without all the benefits.. (so the transfer speed is down to USB 2.0).
(USB 3 has extra wires for highspeed transfers, that won't be used .)

You may need an external power adapter for the disk... depends on power requirements of the disk. USB 3, can deliver a bit more power. although not a lot).
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If you really want the speed you can add a USB 3.0 ExpressCard for about $10, but it would be a waste of time unless it is a SSD. Same as above though the laptop isn't going to let it have enough power to run large external hard disks even through the ExpressCard.
wht is the exact model of the 1 TB drive ?

and what makes you think " it requires a usb 3.00" ??  any problem or error?   then plse tell us
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thank u every one.