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Problem chaning input on LG Displays

We have two LG 43SM5KB-B displays.   They were connected using the SuperSign software but recently we had issues with it.  I have tried to replace the input by connecting them to Windows 10 computers.  When I power them on they detect the RGB connection and display the output from the computers.    After a couple of minutes they reset to what was previously displayed using the SuperSign software.  

Once the display has reset none of the controls work.  I can not view settings change input etc.   I have tried to review settings but before I can get very far before the screen reverts to the previous SuperSign presentation and the menus do not work.  

How do I stop them from reverting to the old SuperSign presentation?  Or how do I reset them to defaults? or How do I access the menus and turn this off?

I have powered the displays off and uplugged them. Verified the computers are set to never go to sleep.   Set the input to RGB (before the screen refreshes), disconnected the wired connection (i can not get to the wireless through settings before the screen resets).

Thanks for any help you can provide
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Thanks.   I will try this and let you know if it works.
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I tried this first thing this morning.   We can only acess the menus for about 15 seconds after it is powered on before the old superslide presentation is displayed and the menus are unavailable.   We cant get through the steps in time.
If that is the case, then you may need to call LG for support. As the only way I know to disable the previous signage is to Factory Reset the Display. If you can't get through the menu's then maybe there is something different specific to that display as mine works just fine with that procedure.

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Thanks for the help.   We have been struggling with these for too long.   We found the Exit button on the remote which backed out of the cached display and let us access the settings and do a reset.
Glad you got it resolved!