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Migrate all Data from Dell Archive Manager to O365

Andrew N. Kowtalo
Andrew N. Kowtalo used Ask the Experts™
Does anybody have any experience with Dells Archive Manager?  

Currently we are migrating our client from Exchange 2003 to O365.   Alot of their historical data (Email's) are sitting on their old 2003 server running Dells Archive Manager.  Recently they had an issue where their email was being stripped of attachments and missing attachments.   We resolved this by running a few SQL commands to remove stripping and we made the attempt to re-hydrate their email.   Apparently it semi worked.   The catch was the attachments re-hydrated within Archive Manager, it did not fully move the regenerated emails with attachments to their physical exchange box.  

What I would like is to get Archive Manager totally out of the picture and move everything from within AM's storage and migrate it over to O365.    Is this even possible to do?  Right now they can access any attachments in their email pending the servers up and AM is up and running.   I was told there was a way to point Archive Manager to O365 but my boss wants it out of the picture.   Can someone advise on how to fully migrate this?
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There are third-party tools available for that, I'd suggest you do a quick research on those and pick the one best suited for your needs.
AmitIT Architect
Distinguished Expert 2017

Something similar i did long back for my client. Client was using EmailXtender for Archiving with Exchange 2003. What, i did, first we upgraded all Exchange 2003 server to enterprise edition, then created new DB on new drives. Then moved all mailboxes to new databases. Finally, we restored all Archive data, back into user mailboxes.

Once all data is moved backup into user mailbox. We started migration to Exchange 2010 and then to Office 365. It was a large and complex task, took me 2 years to complete, as customer has 56 Exchange sites across the globe.

You can check, if that works for you. Better hire an Architect who has knowledge on both products.
Andrew N. KowtaloSupport Center Engineer


Can't I just extract all the mail as a PST and import it into exchange then do the migration?
AmitIT Architect
Distinguished Expert 2017

You can do PST also, however large pst can get corrupted easily and will cause more work. If you want to use PST option, better you export and import on high end server or pc, with high speed disk.
Support Center Engineer
I fixed this myself.  I was able to locate the exchange direct rehdraytion tool under the program files directory and ran it allowing enough space pending on exchange 2010 which fixed my problem.