Dell 7400 Win 10: Wifi Stuck in Off Status

amigan_99 used Ask the Experts™
if I click on the networking icon in the systray in the lower right of Win10, I see "WiFi turned off".
Below it is a drop down to turn wifi on Manually, in 1 hour, 2 hours etc. But there's no button to just turn it back on. If I click on Network and Internet settings and then WiFi - I can toggle a wifi switch to On. BUT the wifi in fact doesn't get turned on when I return to the systray network area. I don't see a WiFi toggle button on the laptop. Any advice?
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Dell usually avoids the Windows standard WiFi networking suite and installs their own.  For some this is a boon, for others a bane.

See if this is the situation on your system.  If so, remove the Dell WiFi networking package and revert to the standard Windows package.
amigan_99Network Engineer


So in the end IT came by and needed elevated privileges to I think reset the interface. But your approach sounds like it would likely work. I've had similar Windows versus Intel or Dell before.

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