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Import .eml files (Windows Live Mail) to Outlook

Hello Experts

I'm setting up a new laptop for a client.  Hos old one crashed but the data is all still there.  He was using WLM on the old laptop.  I've recovered the emails but can't run WLM to export.

Everything I've seen to import the files appears to require running Windows Live Mail.  Since I can't do that I'm looking for a converter or something to import the old mail just using Outlook

Any ideas?


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You can still get WLM here

This is the untouched Windows Essentials 2012 installer including Windows Live Mail
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I’m under the impression that windows 10 will not support Windows Live Mail

I’ll try it on a test unit and see, but my recollection is that it doesn’t work

You can simply rename .eml into .msg and drag and drop into Outlook.
No, you can't just rename eml to msg, those are diffent file formats.
I tested and it's work.

For what its worth, I just tested on the machine I happen to be fixing right now (nothing to do with Outlook - it has a corrupted printer driver I suspect), and I can open an EML file directly in Outlook - no need to change the extension or anything.

The machine is running:

Win10 Pro
Outlook 2010

It might vary by the version of Outlook I guess.

OK I got WLM to install on the Windows 10 unit.  I exported the WLM file to a folder on the old computer and sent that to hte new computer's administrator desktop.

Then I tried to import the folders to WLM.  It indicated it was doing it (that is it showed the file structure and gave me the option to select folders or take them all.  I selected All and the import began.  It counted messages from each folder.  When i twas finished, It gave a message saying it was finished.  But the emails are nowhere to be found.

Then I tried to import the folders to Outlook.  Same thing.  I navigate to the folder on the Administrator Desktop and begin the import. It starts, last less than half a second and goes away.  The server name is now listed an a profile, but no mail in it.

Anyone know anything new about doing this?  

Did MS actually abandon WLM and not leave a way to get the mail to a new program?



When you said above that you'd recovered all the emails, what did you mean exactly?

If they are eml files, then just copy/ paste into an empty folder in Outlook.

Did you check C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\Storage Folders\ for the imported file structure?
OK, here's the final outcome:

I was able - as I said earlier - to install WLM on WIndows 10 and make it work.

As for importing, all his mail was still on the server!  Mail going back to 2013.  It was an old POP account.  So anyway, his entire inbox downloaded to WLM.  There were no Sent Items on the server,  but I found them in his AppData folder.  I tried importing, but no luck.  So I copied them from his AppData/Sent Items folder and pasted them to his new Sent Items folder (in AppData) AND IT WORKED!!

It wasn't supposed to, but it did!

So I'll assign some points and close this.

Thanks to all for your comments

Well, as I look back, all the suggestions were for naught.  I tried everything you guys suggested and none of it worked.

Sorry, but I'm just going to withdraw the question.  I found my own solution.

Thanks anyway

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