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Shared editing of PSD file with without a monthly fee

I need to be able to share a mock-up of a PSD file with another editor without a monthly fee.

So far, I have tried and but neither solution seems fully capable of this type of shared editing of a fully layered PSD file.

Assistance in finding a completely web-based solution for this would be greatly appreciated.
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Emily Phelan

For clarification, what does the other editor need to achieve? Full Photoshop capabilities, commentary, developer specs, or something else?
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some photoshop capabilities
GIMP is free and supports PSD files (import and export), but some layers don't translate as well (effects may need to be rasterized or flattened). It's open-source and constantly being updated though.

I see many experts tout IrfanView, but I have not used this myself. I believe it is also limited to Windows OS.

If this is someone you trust, Adobe does allow install for 2 machines; however, this was intended for designers with multiple devices, not multiple users.
I'm looking for an online image editor that will allow me to share the web-based editing without having to manage local files at all.
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I quick search led me to two more options. I have not used them myself; However, they both open PSDs and include layer editing: (free for 30 days) (free forever?)
So far, I have tried,, and and none of them appear to allow you to share an image that you are currently working on, online, with a second editor.

Scott had the best solution thus far but I am not quite there with it
if what you're trying to do is see edit history, then I would save the PSD file on Dropbox. then every time you save the PSD file there will be history in you'll still have to edit a PSD file locally but as you save it it will upload to Dropbox automatically. every save will become a version that you can get back at any time while at this is how I work on my own projects.
what I meant is to work on the PSD file why the PSD file is on a local Dropbox folder. then you don't have to think about uploading Dropbox it will be done automatically with every save.

I just found this the other day and have not had a chance to try it out

I have seen mixed reviews from ok to very good. The problem with most reviews is I don't trust whey they are written. I do think this is worth checking out though