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Access use multi column ListBox on popup form to load multicolumn source combobox


I am using the following code behind a button click to open a form whose code is shown further on. This loads a listbox on the form.
When the user makes a selection from the listbox it sends this back to my original ComboBox.
The listbox has one column. I now want to do this for a multi column combobox and listbox. How do I do that?

Private Sub btnManufacturer_Click()

    oForm = Me.Name
    oCombo = Me.Manufacturer_Combo.Name
    DoCmd.OpenForm "f_List", , , , , acDialog

End Sub

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Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)

  Cancel = -1
  CopyComboBoxSettings Forms(oForm).Form.Controls(oCombo)

  Cancel = 0

End Sub

Private Sub CopyComboBoxSettings(ByVal CSourceComboBox As Access.ComboBox)

  List1.RowSourceType = CSourceComboBox.RowSourceType
  List1.RowSource = CSourceComboBox.RowSource
  List1.ColumnCount = CSourceComboBox.ColumnCount
  List1.ColumnWidths = CSourceComboBox.ColumnWidths

End Sub

Private Sub List1_Click()
    Forms(oForm).Form.Controls(oCombo).value = List1.value
End Sub

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Not sure why you think you need to do this.  What do you gain over simply using the original combobox to make a selection?

You can use a multi-column rowsource for the combo box.
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But why do you want to do this instead of simply using a multi-column combo box on the main form?

Still don't understand this logic.