chrome not having option to import passwords

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could be a simple one
am changing computers.
so from old computer. i exported passwords from google chrome
in new compueter- i dont have option to import password in chrome again.
same chrome version on both computer Version 78.0.3904.108

i did research, everyone says go to "chrome:flags" - search for password import and export, enable and would get an option to import password.

but if i go to "chrome:flags"- search for password import - nothing comes. no search result.
i tried in different computers running windows 10 windows7 - did chrome stop doing password import ? ?  or am doing something wrong ?

have attached a pic as well
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NoahHardware Tester and Debugger
Hi there! :)

I think it's a simple issue of having that function not enabled which is by default whenever installing a new version of Chrome. You may refer to the following video for step by step instructions. The parts you want to be focusing on is in the second half of the video, assuming you already know how to export a .csv file with the passwords.



hi there,
that’s what I explained in my question.
in the video in 2:25 mins - she enables “password import”

if I do same search in my chrome, “chrome:flags” it comes as no result. I have attached a pic of that as well in my original question
NoahHardware Tester and Debugger
From what I understand, they have removed this functionality in the latest version as of last month. You will need to use a password manager software.
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hm ok. got it.
that’s what I was thinking whether the feature got removed.
anyway thanks for it.
Scott SilvaNetwork Administrator
If you still have the old PC available, sync your chrome via a gmail account and it should bring everything over... I also just moved to a good password manager though as I can have access to passwords on multiple devices.
Distinguished Expert 2018
Here, the import button is still present on the current version of chrome.
@Noah - where does it say they removed it?
NoahHardware Tester and Debugger
@McKnife We can't find that setting anymore.. Perhaps, you can give it a go? :)
Distinguished Expert 2018
I understand... describes how to turn on password import but the option to use it is no longer available under chrome:flags... Well, we used it in an earlier version and upgraded that version.

So clearly, the following should work:
On the pc where you want to import the passwords, install an older version of chrome (maybe version 70 - unfortunately, you will havbe to use old setup files that need to be retrieved from somewhere), then enable the import as shown, then import passwords, then update chrome.
In order to import your saved passwords into Chrome you have to apply a hack

The process is rather simple. (I'm assuming you're using Windows)

1) Go into your user AppData > Local > Google > Chrome > User Data folder (will need to show hidden files and folders)
2) Right-click Local State and edit with a text editor like Notepad or Notepad++
3) Find "enabled_labs_experiments" and add "PasswordImport@1" to the list.
4) Close File
5) Launch Chrome


It should look something like below if you have no other lab items enabled


Open in new window

I can't remember where I obtained this, but I've used it several times with no problems

I would suggest reverting your localstate file to it's original state when you're done though.

Distinguished Expert 2018
Good, that should be the preferred way.

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