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Sharepoint Errors when Adding New Site

Isaias Perez
Isaias Perez used Ask the Experts™
Let me start by saying we are a hybrid environment and i have been tasked with opening new sites for my company in SharePoint. I am fairly new to sharepoint. I have had no issues following the company SOP for creating new sites on our sharepoint environment for 8 months now without having any issues. All the sudden in the last few sites ive created i have had errors popping up that i have no idea how to fix. I believe we are on Sharepoint Online 2016 but not certain. Please see attached errors. I have tried to recreate several times. I believe this site/page was created before but then closed. I think i have to completely delete the old site but i dont even know how to do that. I went to the provisioning page and thought i deleted the old site then tried to recreate it but still errors out. Can i have help please. I tried using powershell but i think i need the right module loaded to access sharepoint online but was unsuccessful to loading the modules to run (Remove-SPSite -Identity) but get The term 'Remove-SPSite' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Walter CurtisSharePoint AED
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Can you create a site with a totally different name? Sites deleted go in to a site collection recycling bin which can be emptied, but it might just be easier for you to create the site with a somewhat different name.

Hope that helps...
Isaias PerezIT Operations Manager


I can create a site with a different name but for unfortunately because of scripts that are running in the background i have to use this name. How can i empty the Site Collection Recycling Bin? Maybe thats the answer. Not sure why that particular site is giving me problems with errors. I have another site giving me similar errors but if i add a -1 to the end of the name it works fine.
IT Operations Manager
Found that I had to delete old sites that were still sitting in the recycle bin. Also found the Powershell Scripts to connect to SharePoint Online and delete the old sites.