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Install Server 16 on DL160 G10

Hey Experts!  Running into a rather odd issue and figured I'd ask the community of experts.

I'm using the Intelligent Provisioning > Express OS Install on a DL160 G10 server and the options available to install from is:
  • DVD Media
  • SMB/CIFS (Windows Share)
  • An anonymous FTP Server
  • Install ClearOS from internet

I don't have a DVD drive and the ClearOS isn't the OS I need.  I thought there would be a USB option but I don't see it.  Is there a way to add that option?  Is there an updated provisioning version I need?  I haven't run into this situation before and I'd like to get Windows Server 2016 on this server.

I appreciate everyone's help with this.
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert PRO / EE Fellow/British Beekeeper)
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Don't use Intelligent Provisioning , and just BOOT from USB! (insert USB with Windows Server 2016 on it!)
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@Andrew, much appreciated.  I hadn't ventured off in that direction before but I may have to look into it further.
Just confirming from the experts, there's no way to add the USB option in the Intelligent Provisioning?

Edit:The only USB option is what Andrew stated?

2nd Edit: I'm looking into updating the version of Intelligent Provisioning
do you want to use Intelligent Provisioning or just install an OS from USB.
Do you have ILo licensed? Configure ilo and then connect to it attach the ISO and boot that way.

when you are in-front of the system something is expected from you, you could as one of the options use a USB. In the absence of that setup a share where you have the DVD iso expanded and shared. to use from the share option.

In what format do you have the window 2016?
Do you have a USB external CD/DVD rom?

The point being cd/dvd will take you the longest amount of time to do it.
Usually in my experience, the USB as Andrew suggested would be visible as an option if it was present during  bootup.

Where is the server in relation to you and your workstation?
My apologies experts.  I got lost/wrapped up in a Sophos issue which has consumed my time.  I didn't mean to leave you hanging.

I spent an hour or so updating the DL160 through the built-in server software (Intelligent Provisioning).  I thought after I updated the version of Intelligent Provisioning (IP), I would be able to use the USB drive.  I couldn't so onto just booting from the USB drive and install Server 16.  There is no DVD drive in the server so I'm not sure why that option was available but not USB.

@Andrew, I will need to install the OS through the bootable USB drive.  Trying that option now.  Updates to follow.

@Arnold, thanks for your time and options you provided to me.  I have an .iso of Server 16 which I plan to install from a bootable USB drive.  No DVD drive in the server.

I'll update the group early next week.
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Hey Experts.  So I ended up having to involve HP Support as there was a corrupt Intelligent Provisioning update causing problems.  Once we resolved that, I used the iLo function to access the IP and install the OS from a mounted USB drive.  I think I would have been able to get through it with your help had there not been a corrupt IP update causing the problem.  Thanks for your help and time!