display if statement?

Tom Moholland
Tom Moholland used Ask the Experts™
I would like to enter MBH, ERCF, MBR or CBH and then have column a list the matching entries from the data tab
example is what I have entered in to column b here manually
I tried using an if statement but it not working as you can see in cell A4
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Paste this array formula in A4:

=IFERROR(INDIRECT("Data!B"&SMALL(IF(INDIRECT("Data" & "!$A$2:$A$36")=$A$1,ROW(Data!$B$2:$B$36)),ROW(1:1))),"")

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For array formulas you must select Ctrl+Shift+Enter to enter. Copy A4 and past down.

NorieAnalyst Assistant

You could try this array formula entered in B4 with CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER and copied down:


Note, you'll get #NUM! errors when you copy the formula down more rows than there are matches.

For example If you had 'ERCF' in A1 and  copied the formula down to B23 you would get errors in B21:B23 as there are only 17 matches for 'ERCF' on the list in the Data sheet.
Here's a working sample.

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