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Mouse Frequently Not Working


I have a coworker whose mouse isn't working frequently.  Often times, the mouse will move but not be able to click things.  By hitting control + Alt + delete, I'm able to restore functionality for a while.

I've switched mouses, uninstalled the drivers, and done a virus scan.

Thank you for your help
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Did switching the mouse change the situation?
Wired or wireless mouse?
What type of surface is the mouse being used on?
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Switching didn't help.  
I've tried both wired and wireless.
A hard desk.
What type of and age is the pc hardware?
It's a laptop about 1 year old.
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It's a Lenovo Yoga.  I didn't think of trying to disable the touchpad.  I'll do that and let you know if that works.

Also try running windows in safe mode and see if the problem goes away. Perhaps some other program is interfering with the clicks.

If I read this correctly, the mouse will always move, but sometimes clicking doesn't work? In that case the mousing surface is not the issue.
did this happen after an upgrade or software install - or Always ?
a system restore to a date it was ok can help
otherwise, try running sfc :
Thank you very much for your help.  Disabling the touchpad completely fixed the problem.
Glad to hear it. Since its a fairly new machine, double check to see if that is covered under warranty.