How can I sort a field from Swagger if the query contains a Join?

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Hi all,

I serve using Spring Boot via Swagger the following endpoint:

   @Query("select a from Table a " +
      " join t " +
      " join a.user u " +
      " join a.role r " +
      " where lower( like lower(concat('%', :filter, '%'))" + SQLESCAPE +
      " or lower(t.field1) like lower(concat('%', :filter, '%'))" + SQLESCAPE +
      " or lower(t.field2) like lower(concat('%', :filter, '%'))" + SQLESCAPE +
      " or lower(u.field3) like lower(concat('%', :filter, '%'))" + SQLESCAPE +
      " or lower(r.field4) like lower(concat('%', :filter, '%'))" + SQLESCAPE)
   Page<Role> findRolesByTypeInAndFilter(@Param("filter") String filter, Pageable pageable);

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It works perfectly but when the user wants to sort I can only sort fields that are NOT in the joins (only fields available in Table).

If user specify the full field name (e.g. u.field3) it works perfectly,

What can I do to let the user just use, for examlpe, field3 for sorting?

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You have to create a data transfer object (a new model or bean) to hold the specific properties you want as one class.

In your case, fields from table a plus plus field1 to field4.  Lets say this is called UserTeamRole, you would update query to be:

select new UserTeamRole(a.field,, t.field1, t.field2, u.field3, r.field4) ...

Otherwise, you are projecting just object a at the moment so that is why only those fields are visible. — at least that is my understanding.


Thanks for your help, Kevin!

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