How to bring back the Contacts option in sync menu of Google account on Android phone ?

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My phone was linked to a google account and contacts were sync fine. The sync has been frozen for a while and phone won't sync anymore, so I removed Google account from Android. But when added again the sync menu now DOES NOT show CONTACTS ; so I am unable to sync my contact because it is not there to select.

I tried to restart phone several times,
I tried to disable/enable the Google Contact system app,
even cleared its cache ... still the phone is linked to a Google account, but is not showing Contacts Sync option
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After trying several solutions mentioned in Forums, could not resolve the problem nor i could find the cause.
However , I found that backing up Android phone is incredibly easy, so i did that. Then I did a hard factory reset. The reset took less than 10 minutes and my phone was like new. Then I restored the backup and Google sync worked perfectly.
The phone was LG Q6, it had a slot for SD card, that made backup and restore easier and faster.
Here is a quick list :
- Move photos and all media form internal memory to SD card.
- use the LG back app (LG Mobile Switch) to back up the phone, you get options to select which entries , apps you want to include in backup.
- use Google Account to back up Whatsapp ( this is done from within Whastapp settings )
Now all is backed up,
Do a hard factory reset.

After phone is turned on, I login with Google Account, and contacts start Sync.
Then I restore backup from LG Mobile Switch, then restore from Whatsapp.

Lenghty, but all took less than 2 hours , and my phone was back to normal and working much more effecient.

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