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BSOD - brand new Lenovo PC (Driver_PNP_Watchdog)

Out of the box BSOD prior to ever booting into windows ...
happened twice before any windows setup
Then I got to put in region / Keyboard then pre user set up ... b0mbs again
I want to RMA it and wondering if Im over reaction BUT it was circa 1750 Euros
Spoke to Lenovo tech and Im going to RMA but is there anything I should try.
Dont feel I should have to reinstall opsys, too expensive a PC
Attached - Keyboard and mouse only
Current status ... Lenovo Logo and Spinning dots like the old egg timer would do
Update ...
Attempted repair  (3rd attempt at a repair) - then same error.
Then reboot and it goes to windows after maybe 10 attempts in total ...

Very unusual

 bsod 1bsod 2
Windows 10PC

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