Extracting the current date from the computer and comparing to a date in an excel spreadsheet

Patricia Timm
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Is there a way to check the current date (on the computer - maybe system date - so it grabs the current date) and then compares to a date on an excel spreadsheet like a parts ordered date in the format 11/20/2019. Not sure if I can use excel formulas or if vb code would need to be used??? thanks in advance
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Martin LissOlder than dirt
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There may be a formula but this VBA  does something if the cell value is equal to or greater than 40 days prior to today
   If  DateDiff("d", wsRenew.Cells(lngRow, "B"), Now) >= 40 Then

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You can do it with a formula.  NOW() always returns the current date and time.  To compare just the date to a cell with a date in it, you can do something like:


The INT() will pull out just the date from the date/time that NOW() returns.

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Welcome, glad that helped.

Or TODAY function gives just the current date:


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