Sync data between servers in two different environments?

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We are moving a client from one cloud hosted server to another cloud hosted server.  Source server is Windows 2012 R2 and destination is Windows 2016.  Is there a product that can sync data between the servers so that we can minimize downtime?  They have about 3 TB of data and we'd like to be able to transfer the data over the internet and then once they are ready to go live do one final sync to grab anything that's changed.

It's nothing complex, just a bunch of folders with a lot of documents.  No databases or anything.
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Why not use DFS?  It's been built in to Windows for over 15 years.


I would but the servers won't have any kind of AD link so I can't use DFS replication.
Rsync over ssh would be ideal, though with 3TB of data I'd personally seed a external encrypted drive and ship it to the remote site.

Restore the data, then grab what's changed
Thanks for the assistance!  I found rclone which works with Windows without requiring cygwin.  I'm doing some testing with it now.

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