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Options to access Shared Web Applications from Chrome Books or similar devices.

I have a few sites that are currently using RDS to share remote desktops so students can access a few legacy apps from “dumb” RDP terminals and/or Windows 10 computers in a lab setting.  I would like to covert these labs to chrome based os to solve some security and reduce hardware requirements.  The issue I have is when accessing a Share RDS Application the browser (Firefox or Chrome) requires the RDP client be installed.  Does anyone have any recommendations or RDS replacement (I know Citrix can) that would be inexpensive and easily managed?
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RDS is not a website.. Citrix runs on top of RDS they will need an rds client of some sort.
There is the Microsoft RDS client for ChromeOS.
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I found a solution.  Protius-Kiosk has a great solution.  I was able to load their ThinClient which comes with RDP support.  I currently use them to manage signage in our campuses.  The only lacking is the ability to access Remote Desktop Apps, as I only have the option to access the entire Remote desktop.