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Default Domain Policy missing GPO


Dealing with an issue here and do not understand as how this came to be,  I have 4 Dc's that are showing the same behavior where i cannot see the account policies from within the Default Domain GPO.  I have moved the PDC Emulator to all 4 servers and tested in hopes that i would be able to setup an account security policy of password length and complexity.  i have also checked for backups of the GPO and find none.

when i view the default domain policy under settings i see the account policies  
User generated image
but when i go to edit them from the GPO, they are missing
 User generated image
any ideas on how i can regenerate the default domain policy??
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Im confused what's here.......

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I guess the Account Policies, Local Policies, Event Log, ... entries are missing as well when editing another GPO?
Try to run a
regsvr32.exe C:\Windows\System32\wsecedit.dll

Open in new window

and restart the GPMC.
This is a bit older, but the GP management didn't change a lot:
Some Group Policy areas are missing from the Group Policy Editor
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hi oBdA - thanks but i have tried that

i receive the following when i attempt to register it

User generated image
i restarted the GPMC  and that didn't help either.
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That's why I asked if that happens as well when you edit other GPOs, which doesn't seem to be the case. When the security settings are present in other GPOs, it can't be an issue with the MMC itself.
If it only happens with the Default Domain Policy, then it seems that it somehow has gotten corrupt (but not corrupt enough so that you can still see the settings - strange). If you don't have any other settings in there (you shouldn't - Default Domain Policy and Default Domain Controller Policy should always be left unchanged), you can reset it (well, you can reset it as well if there are configurations in there, but these will be lost ...)
dcgpofix.exe /Target:Domain

Open in new window