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Michael Noze
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Hi Experts,

I'd like to know if there is a way to populate a combo box in form2 with a combobox from form1?

IE: I have a cbo in frmInspection, if I made a selection and click on the button "Specification", it
goes to the frm frmSpecifcation and it populates the same value to the cbo in the form.
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Please rephrase your question, it's not clear what you mean by "populates the same value"..

E.g. something like this?

Private Sub cboOnThisForm_Click()

  DoCmd.OpenForm "frmSpecifcation"
  Forms("frmSpecifcation").Form.cboOnOtherForm.Value = cboOnThisForm.Value

End Sub

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Check my attachment


Thank you! Yes, it is!

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