Unable to run java swing application in Windows 10 Enterprise after update

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Unable to run java swing application in Windows 10 Enterprise after an update.

I wrote a Java Swing application for one of my clients.  It has worked fine until their most recent Windows 10 update.  They have Java  SE 1.8.0_231.  The program runs just fine on my local system running Windows 10 Pro with the same version of Java.

Initially the program asked had Java options -Xmx and -Xms for 4196m.  We got a heapspace error.  The computer has 16G of memory and it had just been rebooted.  9G were available.  We tried again with parameters for 2G of memory and got the error "Could not reserve enough space for 2097152KB object heap".  I have attached the screenshot.  Again, the system had just been rebooted and 9G are available.

The user is the administrator of the computer.

Next we tried "Run as Administrator" to see if the program would run.  The same problem occurred.

I suspect some kind of group policy may be preventing Java from running but don't know where to look next.

Any thoughts, experts?

thanks, Cara
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Hi Cara,

Is there any chance that you command line is picking up a 32-bit version of java? Maybe an old version is installed too and is being picked due to an incorrect PATH environment variable? What does....   java -version   ...print out?
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Maybe the update changed the virtual memory settings
Perhaps try
to adjust the amount of virtual memory available
Don't forget to reboot before testing to see if it worked

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