Need help with converting a SQL query to LINQ query

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Hi Experts,
I want to convert this simple query to a LINQ query in C#.
select distinct c.MemberID,max(c.approved)  from Claims c
join member m on c.MemberID = m.MemberId
where m.Id = 910318 and  c.PointsEarned > 0 group by c.MemberID

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Any help is appriciated!
Thanks in advance.
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What about:
var result = (from c in Claims
join m in Member on c.MemberID equals m.MemberId
where m.Id = 910318 && c.PointsEarned > 0)
.Select(g => new { MemberID = g.MemberID, Approved = g.Max(x => x.approved) })

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