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My goal is to increase the C partition from 40gig to 90 gig.  How do I get the 48 gigs of free space on disk 0 to get allocated for use on C?

Windows Server 2008 R2
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Multiple problems:
1. Windows 2009 R2 doesn't exist.
2. The D: is an Extended partition with a logical drive defined.  The only way you're going to do this without completely backing up and removing the D: drive is with third party software.  Windows cannot do it itself.

You'd have to shrink the extended partition (you may have shrunk the logical drive, but that's not the extended partition; BIOS based systems only support 4 partitions - to get around that, the third partition can be an "Extended" partition where you can create logical drives that are, for most purposes, equal to separate partitions (but from a technical standpoint, are not).  Once you shrink the extended partition, you move the partition to the end of the disk.  Then you can extend the C: partition.

OR, remove the D: drive (Logical drive) and then delete the extended partition.  With nothing following C: but empty space, you'll be able to extend C: using Disk management or diskpart.  Then you create a new extended partition and logical drive within and restore your data.
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2009 R2 doesn't exist
I have a band-aid on my right index finger - just a slip typo :)

I think a 3rd party software sounds the way to go.

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