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Exchange 2010 delivery failed

jsarinana used Ask the Experts™
Exchange 2010 local server where to look for blocked emails and resolve

We use Symantec email security which filters all our email, once in awhile it blocks an email that it should not have blocked so I log into the portal and allow it
Issue: I have one user the recipient here in our company that cannot receive from one specific user from a diff company.
everyone else here in our company can send and receive to this user just fine
anyuser@ourcompany.com can receive from userA@theothercompany.com
Excluding: userB@ourcompany.com from userA@theothercompany.com

when I look into Symantec's email security portal it shows userA@theothercompany.com cannot be delivered because sender was denied our recipient server (This is our Exchange server) where on Exchange to I resolve this?
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Alan CoxSr. Architect | Consulting

are you also running the Exchange anti spam agent?
jsarinanaI.T. Manager


where do I check for Exchange anti spam agent? this is Exchange 2010 I don't think this agent came with 2010 but I could be wrong
Network Administrator
I had a similar issue at one time, and I discovered the user had accidentally blocked the sender in the outlook junk mail system... Maybe look there?
Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology Professional

That's a good point. And to build on that, in order to try and narrow down where the mail is being blocked, try and whitelist or build a rule to specifically allow that address.

Even before that, check the email gateway logs for any mention of that address and if it is being passed.
jsarinanaI.T. Manager


it was not in junk mail but when she selected an old email from this person and right clicked on it and selected Junk-NO NOT BLACK
it started working
Scott SilvaNetwork Administrator

If you look in "Junk Email Options" in Outlook there is a tab for blocked senders...

There might be other people in there by accident.