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Hi experts

Since I'm part of new team managing cloud projects (AWS)

As part of DevOps, would like to introduce few automation which will streamline CICD

My request is, could you please help me with some pointers, essential process, best practices, house keeping, monitoring automation (I know, its a wide topic) but even a link to a third-party would be very helpful.

Basically below are the areas would like to get some help.

1. github on commit deployment to DEV or QA?. (we already have basic branching and release strategy)
2. Housekeeping, deleting old branches
3. Automated git commit report (generate release note from git code commit).

Atlasian JIRA:
1. Automation around JIRA
2. Integration with github, confluence
3. Essential alerts and report.

1. On commit, reports etc.

please let me know, if you want me to create individual question for each topic

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Senior QA Manager
I am not sure, If I got your question right:

All the following can be done in Jenkins with following workflows once the build is ready for testing.
1. Perform API level testing of all positive cases on the build  ( PS: we are using  JMETER for both API functionality and performance testing. There are many tools to test API's. Python: reqeusts module, urllib2 etc and similarly for other languages )
2. UI level of Build acceptance test with few cases from all modules ( using Selenium or appropriate tool )
3. Regression test ( All test cases both positive and negative cases, using API and UI automation )
4. Load/Performance test ( using Jmeter )
5. Monitoring test ( On moving the build to QA, perform periodic monitoring to make sure the build is stable and different periods )
6. Once all 5 steps are good, move the build to staging
7. Repeat the tests on staging, along with some manual checks
8. Move the build to production


Thanks Suhas for your inputs

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