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Crystal Reports to Excel

clyde30152 used Ask the Experts™
We have been using Crystal Report within our company for several months now with excellent results.    We are also using the Datalink viewer on many of our employees desktops.

Our weak link is exporting these reports into Excel.     Lots of extra columns and rows are inserted during the export and columns and rows  just don't line up well.   Are there any tools out there that would do that better?
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We ran into similar issues.

Crystal will export well to Excel if you create the report with exporting in mind.

Minimize white space
Make sure cells line up on the left vertically.  
Make sure cells side by side the right and left edges are together (no white space between.)  If there is white space then you will get a blank column.

THe other method we used which won't work for you since you are using the datalink viewer is to do the export manually from a query.  You can then you can control where everything goes and the size and formatting of each rwo and column.

Ido MilletProfessor Emeritus of MIS at Penn State Erie and Owner, Millet Software
For detailed advice on how to design Crystal reports for export to Excel, see: http://kenhamady.com/cru/archives/2712

Also, if you describe the purpose of consuming the report as an Excel export, we may be able to suggest a better strategy.
For example, if the purpose is to do further analysis, an export to Excel (Data Only) format may provide an immediate/better solution.


I just need to do the export myself at this point, so Datalink isn't involved.   I was able to export it to a CSV and then to Excel which work great except it ignored any fields I brought in via subreports.  I'm trying to get up to speed on shared variables and bring those into the main report and see if that works better.


I reworked the report to use shared variables from the subreport and then exported to a CSV.   I then opened the CSV in Excel and it worked prefect.