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conditional formatting based on a string found in a cell

closed my question but after testing realized that this did not resolve my issue
here is my initial question
 would like to check a column called Part Rcvd if the row in the column matches Rcvd (this will be an exact match as I hope it will be hard coded in by the end user) then color the matching cell and adjacent cells in column N and column O to grey.
As an example
column N                       column O                         column P
12/3/2019                       12/10/2019                       Rcvd
Finds match in column P for string Rcvd then greys out column N, column O, and column P . Loops thru for each row within that column until it reaches the end. Thanks in advance. Would it be better to code this in VB or use a formula manager in excel to create? Not sure which is more efficent. There currently are no formulas or vb code running on this sheet. More informational so process time is short

recieved this code but it does not work when I tested the actual attached worksheet I placed the code in the conditional formatting under use a formula to determine which cells to format.
Thanks for the help
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