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print locking with a password. I need to be able to have the user have his or her own personal code to print on the color print and it tied to that user so we can see who printed what and if it was personal which seems to happen a lot. My next step will be to see what was printed. Not sure if that can happen. We just need to deter using the color printer for non company work.
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Hi there! :)

You might want to refer to the following instructions on how to do this. If you need some visuals to guide you, please refer to the reference link. The instructions should be almost the same regardless if you have a different brand of printers.

Reference: https://www.as.uky.edu/tutorials/configuring-locked-print-and-entering-user-code-ricoh-copiers

1.In the Windows 10 search box, type in Control Panel and click on the Control Panel app.

2.Under the Hardware and Sound heading, click on View devices and printers.

3.Right-click on the printer that you want to set up, and choose printing preferences.

4.Go to the Detailed Settings tab and select Job Setup under Menu.

5.Change Job Type to Locked Print, and MAKE SURE to enter your printing code for the user code if you have one.
If your department restricts printing with user codes, your print jobs will not succeed if your user code isn't entered on this screen.

6.Click on Details, and enter your linkblue ID for User ID and your printing code for the Password. Click OK.

7.Click OK to close the Printing Preferences dialog box. You are now ready to send print jobs.
8.To print a locked item that you have sent to the printer, click on the Printer button.

9.Then click on Print Jobs.
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What printer?
Certain printers have setting to manage accounts/IDS that you can provide to each user, or authorize users based..

But you would need to regularly pull logs from the printer where it commonly reflects the user sending the job.


First of all, this is an HP color printer. No maybe I am just not totally understanding but, I know how to create a locked job, but my problem is not setting this up to be able to have a teacher as this is a school, but to be able to see what teacher printed the job. I am more concerned with trying to get teachers to not waste toner and paper by using the printer to do their home stuff and not work for the school. Again, I am trying to come up with the best way to track who does what color printing,  and how much they print? In my magic world, I would love to be able to see who printed, what they printed and how much they printed, so when I see a job that really should not have been printed because it was family photo time and be able to show the user that I can see what is being done. This will discourage any other teachers from wasting very expensive color toner. I hope this clears it up more. Again, I am not even sure this can be done and it may just be wishful thinking and in a real world cannot happen. This I do not know. I am not a guru at printers, even though I have dealt with many and 6th is correct in that each type of company, HP, Brother and so on each do this differently.
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Much depends on your setup of the printer by restricting the behavior of the printer to only print black and white.
Then to authorize color prints the specified department, pin has to be provided.

If each computer directly interacts with the printer versus each computer uses a print server through which the job is sent to the printer the issue you have is logs of the print jobs have to be retrieved on a regular basis..

Check the capability of the HP printer; since you did not include info on which printer, I could not look it up.

with a print server, you can setup on each computer, color printer and printer going to the same destination while printer will always print black and white while the color printer will prompt for id.


Arnold, my man, that is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks. I will give it a try today.


guys and or gals, thanks for the help. Yes this answered my question and I have locked them out.

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