Could you point how to automatize SMS generation by using data from a SGBD?

Eduardo Fuerte
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Hi Experts

Could you point how to automatize SMS generation by using data from a SGBD?

It is a relativetely simple to generate emails on that context  but SMS is a telecom  feature.

Thanks in advance
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Hello Eduardo,

search internet for SMS Gateway. I am sure several provider in your country offer such service. You have to select the one which has API suitable for your software platform. The provider should help with this decision. SMS Gateways offer some number of free SMS or you may subscribe for the paid service directly.

SMS Gateway is accessible via internet obviously.

Another approach is GSM module or GSM modem for the PC. Such module has SIM card and antenna inside and the SMS price depends on the plan selected. Everything is in your hands.
GSM module requires serial communication to send SMS obviously but the vendor can provide some DLL or OCX module which is accessible from applications. To find the module which will fit all your needs is more difficult than to use SMS Gateway. The price starts at $10.

More descriptive but still basic info is e.g. here:
nociSoftware Engineer
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If you have a VOIP phone system, check if your PBX can already do this. and if your VSP can handle them. (Or find a VSP that can, can be a separate service if needed).
Sometimes connecting a phone to a "cloud" service can help as well. NextCloud does have some capabilities in this direction, i am not sure if it can handle all you want to throw at it though.
Eduardo FuerteDeveloper and Analyst


Thank you for the guidance!

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