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Exsisting excel sheet to allow value to be update manually before sheets starts adding new data from date columns.

I have a great sheet that adds a new date everyday and pushes data from column "E" into the new date column. All the date columns add up for each person and give a total for each person in the Total Available column "F"

I am trying to start fresh with this sheet.  "F" which is the total available, which adds up every new date column, needs to be brought up to date with the previous 2019's numbers.

So what I mean is, If we start fresh there will be one date column... Today....(and of course one added every day) and the Total available will be what ever totals each person already has (from all of 2019) banked.

So if this sheet starts from today, the people will already start with how many points they have banked already. I need to copy and paste those values and then the new date columns will just add to those values.
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