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upload files to Azure blob storage

Hassan Alhusseini
Hassan Alhusseini used Ask the Experts™

I need to upload files from my local computer to azure blob storage. I need to know how to uplaod the files to a container I have in the blob. first I need to creat a folder in that container to store the files. Then I need to transfer the files to that folder in the container. I want to use Azcopy

Any help...

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Azcopy looks something like this when executed:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Azure\AzCopy>

AzCopy.exe /Source:"\\it8939\pst" /Dest:"https://898cf7ef048945c69559822.blob.core.windows.net/ingestiondata?sv=2015-04-05&sr=c&si=IngestionSasForAzCopy201923440849428536&sig=BbUR2Wsx0SZz0XXT3xHGFqYI7TDHlUNtYhm4em0Coik%3D&se=2018-04-24T02%3A50%3A12Z" /S /NC:1 /V:c:\logs\log3.log /Y
[2018/03/24 22:42:33][WARNING] The command line "AzCopy.exe /Source:"\\it8939\pst1" /Dest:"https://718cf7ef064545c69559822.blob.core.windows.net/ingestiondata?sv=2015-04-05&sr=c&si=IngestionSasForAzCopy201803240849428536&sig=******&se=2018-04-24T02%3A50%3A12Z" /V:c:\logs\log2.log /Y" in the journal file "C:\Users\dosadmin\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Azure\AzCopy\AzCopy.jnl" is different from your input.
[2018/03/24 22:42:33][WARNING] Incomplete operation with different command line detected at the journal directory "C:\Users\dosadmin\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Azure\AzCopy".
Finished 4 of total 4 file(s).
[2018/03/25 03:31:00] Transfer summary:
Total files transferred: 4
Transfer successfully:   4
Transfer skipped:        0
Transfer failed:         0
Elapsed time:            00.04:48:27