Explain what the "build" does and do you do it before you "deploy" the solution

Mike Johnson
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New to SSIS... what do 'Build"  and "Re-Build" do?  Do you do a "build" before you "Deploy'?  Does the "build" do some short of a compile with the package, and some other items that you need to do before you "deploy"  the solution?
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AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / Consultant
Build (and rebuild) convert your code into the code that runs.  A rebuild will perform the compilation again even if the code is compiled.
Yes, you do that before deployment.
Freelance programmer / Consultant
If there are any errors in coding (syntax, false names...., it can't detect run time problems aka bugs however) then you will also see those when you perform the build and can then correct them.
Mike JohnsonBusiness Inteligence Developer


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