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Windows 2016 Hyper V - static IP address changes on DC

We have a Windows Sever 2016; AD, Domain Controller; DNS; DHCP handled by Meraki MX64; Server has a static IP Address; we have several remote desktop users.
Tried to implement (add role) Hyper V. When adding the role and after rebooting server the static IP address for the Server is changed to another address and is listed as receiving it via DHCP; DNS also shows the change.
Tried this on a test server prior to live production server and the static IP Address did not change so tried it on the production server and now we have this issue; on removal of the Hyper V role the original static IP address returns.
Anyone have any idea.
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If your server only has one NIC and you are setting up a virtual switch when you install Hyper-v then this is completely expected. The NIC is no longer available to the OS, as the virtual switch took it over.  Instead a new virtual NIC (meaning new Mac address, driver, and all) is in the OS and thus has the default settings any new NIC would in windows. Aka, DHCP, etc.  So this is TOTALLY expected.

A fee ithet tangential observations about your post.

Running Hyper-v on a DC is not supported and DOES break things beyond just the NIC. *Don't do it!*

Running RDS (remote users) on a DC is actively against best practice and also breaks a few things if you don't know what you are doing. And is impossible to secure properly also *don't do it!*

That is all.
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Sorry, clarification: rdp users rdp to their desktop and need to know the address of the server in order to access resources (file shares);
we have only one server (non-profit so restricted budget) and so we have no choice but to implement Hyper V on this server.
The test server exactly duplicated roles on production server so we do not understand why on the production server the IP Address changed and not on the test server. It is essential for other reasons that server address not change.

Thank you for your comments. We need a solution that maintains ip address; did not want to go in to the virtual switch to make changes as this is beyond our expertise and since we cannot duplicate the issue on our test server we are seeking assistance.
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will do; thank you for your assistance.
I would create a team (with the one NIC), enable converged networking and carve out a NIC for each role
Why can't you just change the network address after installing the hyper-v role?
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