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Stop pop-ups appearing on the bottom right corner.

jorge diaz
jorge diaz used Ask the Experts™
Stop pop-ups appearing on the bottom right corner.

Hi Experts,

advertisement pop-ups keep coming up on the bottom right corner on windows 10. I believe it has something to do with the browsing but I couldn't find anything on the chrome that's enabling that. Other windows 10 users have also complained, any idea how to disable that annoying function?
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Presumably you are using chrone as a browser, disable notifications in chrome.
Check on the item that pops up for settings and you could disable these notification.
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Hi there! :)

As pointed out by @arnold, these are not really pop-ups but notifications from your Chrome browser when you are using Chrome. You may refer to the following instructions provided by the official Google Chrome support team. Additionally, below is an example video where they manually only disable those they don't want to see. You would only need to disable those notifications which you don't want to see, if you prefer keeping all notifications disabled besides chat sites already enabled such as WhatsApp Web.

Reference: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/3220216?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en
Example Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iw7PLg0SC_M

Those are Windows  Notifications.  Click the Start menu or press the Windows key.  Click on the Gear Icon for Settings.  Select Privacy.  Scroll down to Notification under the App permissions section.  Turn off Notifications and this will turn off notifications globally.

If you want more privacy turn off each of the following sections:
Voice activation
Account Info
Phone Calls
Call History
Other Devices
App Diagnostics

Those settings are mainly for a Windows Phone and the Windows Store Apps.  They're all turned off by default on Windows Server, so they're really unnecessary.  You can still fully use Outlook with all that turned off since it's not currently a Windows store app.
You can also turn off every General permissions switch as well as Inking and Activity History.  The diagnostics and feedback can also be turned off.  You can control some of these through group policy.  Unfortunately, some of them are registry settings and it must be set for each account on the system.
Kesavan JeganarayananIT Consultant

Chrome - settings - advanced - Reset and cleanup - Clean computer
and also do the reset to default

You also try malwarbytes third party software to remove the malwares.
then restart the computer.
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Yes, the source is within chrome. Please note that your users have given their consent to displaying these notifications, so it's no malware. Teach them not to consent to sites sending notifications unless they trust the site and want these.
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as Noah has stated above you can clear all notifications from chrome.
Many sites will send an alert (example.com wants to send you notifications) where the default is to yes I want receive notifications.. You can always select NO.. Chrome defaults to running in the background to receive these notifications (Google is an advertising company first and foremost)
thank you all for your input and help.